Store Your Household Goods In A Safe, Secure Location For As Long As You Need With Hepworth Self Storage

Are you moving house and need some of your belongings out of the way during the transition period? Going to be travelling, on a diplomatic posting or away in the military for an extended period and want to make sure your possessions are locked away safely while you’re gone? Perhaps you’re just looking for a secure location to store treasured family heirlooms or important documents like birth and marriage certificates? Hepworth Self Storage units are the solution you’ve been looking for.

Security is paramount

Household Storage Solutions

There are many great reasons why people choose to use a self storage unit for their personal storage needs and at Hepworth Self Storage we understand that no matter your reason for needing the space, your belongings are important. Safety and security is a high priority which is why our facility has 24 hour security with CCTV surveillance and PIN coded gate access.

We make it easy

Unpacking a larger amount or have bulky items? Not a problem, you can drive right up to your unit for easy unpacking. No lifts, no trolleys and no hauling boxes across the facility. You can access your unit 7 days a week and for extended hours of 5am to 8pm because we know 9-5 doesn’t work for everyone. We even have a box shop where you can purchase packing materials perfect for every purpose – find out more here.

Flexible contract options allow you long or short term storage with the option of extending if necessary. Perfect for when you’re not quite sure exactly how long you’ll need the unit for.

What can you store?

  • Storage of household items while selling a house or moving
  • Valuable items you want protected from theft or fire at your home
  • All non-essential household items during a renovation
  • Your valuable wine collection so it’s out of harm’s way
  • Sentimental items you’re not ready to or don’t want to throw out but don’t want cluttering your home
  • Children’s possessions after they leave home
  • Holiday storage
  • Items from a deceased estate while everything is being sorted out
  • Family heirlooms and important documents like birth certificates
  • Recreational equipment for boating, racing, caravans etc

Book a storage unit with us today and discover how much extra space you could be enjoying.

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