Free Your Business Place From Clutter With An Easily Accessible Storage Unit From Hepworth Self Storage

Are your business premises or home office cluttered with excess inventory or tools and equipment that you don’t need to use regularly? Are you paying a fortune for floor space that is just being used for storage? Would your business benefit from having sales reps or staff being able to access stock or merchandise from another location? If you answered yes to any of these then a storage unit at Hepworth Self Storage in Yass is the solution to your storage problems.

Business Storage Solutions

Flexibility is key

We know that your business needs will change over time so your storage requirements will likely change too which is why we offer flexible contracts so you can alter the amount of storage or the length of your contract as necessary.

With extended operating hours, 7 days a week, you and your team will be able to access your unit with complete convenience. Provide travelling sales reps or merchandisers with PIN and key access to your unit and they can collect inventory directly from there rather than coming into the office unnecessarily – saving you both time and money.

Meet your business needs without the clutter

Business Storage Solutions

If you’ve got to carry quite a bit of stock on hand but don’t need to actually access it every day, why have it cluttering up your workspace when you can safely and securely store it off site somewhere that has 24 hour security with facility manager and CCTV surveillance and where it’s protected from theft and fire.

Meeting your ATO obligation to keep business documents for at least 7 years can be a challenge for most businesses with space being a precious commodity. Storing them offsite means you know they’re safe, sound and out of the way, but still easily accessible if necessary.

Keep your tools of the trade safe when not being used

Most tradespeople have lots of tools and usually nowhere to safely store them when they’re not being used. A storage unit at Hepworth Self Storage provides the answer. You can simply drive right up to your unit to conveniently get what you need and then return it with ease when you’re done. No cluttering up your garage or shed at home with business equipment and the assurance that your tools are safe and securely locked away.

Book a Storage Unit with us today and let us help you to focus on your business without any distractions!

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