Guide to Storage for Vehicles, Caravans and Boats

Our guide, at Hepworth Self Storage, for the best units for your most valuable and precious items at any of our state of the art facilities that has 24/7 security with pin coded gate access, CCTV and also an on-site manager.

9m x 3m:

Our largest unit, and one of our most popular, is perfect for any vehicle, caravan or boat. With the width that will cater for any item the length enables most storers the ability to store one or even two large cars in the unit. Several current customers even use the extra space to create a small workshop at the back which enables their precious item to being kept up to a world class standard.

All units are drive up, we recommend laying down a small carpet on the concrete and also a light cover over the car, just as you would do in your own garage.

6m x 3m:

The second largest unit that our typical Hepworth Self Storage facility will have is ideal for any car. Whilst being too small for most caravans and boats it is ideal for almost any vehicle. The depth of the unit allows for some additional space for extra items, however, it replicates your standard single garage size. Many customers rent this unit whilst also taking on one of our small sizes, such as 3mx1.5m, to house any ideal items to look after their valuable car.

Guide to Storage for Vehicles, Caravans and Boats

5m x 3m:

Suitable for smaller cars is this unit class. It can store many small to medium size cars at a very reasonable rate. However, with a car stored within the unit there is little to no extra room for any additional items. If you, or your family, would like self storage for all items we would strongly recommend one of our larger units to cater for your needs.

Whatever your needs for your family heirloom or special vehicle we, at Hepworth Self Storage, are here to help all your needs. With world class customer service, variety of sizes and state of the art facilities with 24/7 security we are here to help.

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