With the birds chirping, leaves on the trees growing and the warmer weather suddenly upon us now is the perfect time to get ready for a little spring cleaning. Whether it be for peace of mind, getting the house ready for sale or lease or simply for the summer guests ahead in the Southern Highlands here are the top 5 tips for making your cleaning better and more efficient.

Boxes, boxes, and more!

Whilst you are going through all your valuable items, family heirlooms or seasonal sporting goods remember to do try and store them in boxes with packaging goods such as bubble wrap. This will enable you to keep more items than you had planned, know that they are safe and sounds whilst also organising your valuable items in a systemised way to ensure that they are never lost, forgotten or even worse stolen!

Plan ahead

The Southern Highlands of NSW has become a popular moving destination and that seems to only be increasing. As a result many of the local self storage providers have zero occupancy and a long waiting list! We, at Hepworth Self Storage, recommend calling ahead of your big spring clean to ensure that any excess items that you wish to keep will be able to find a home in one of the units available to you. Planning ahead will save you time, money and most of all effort. The last minute rush is not recommended!

Peace of mind

When deciding to throw out or donate an item that you rarely seem to utilise or even see we recommend applying the Minimalists’ 20/20 rule. If replacing the item costs less than $20 and can be achieved within 20 minutes, dispose of it. For the clutter that has strong sentimental value, is worth considerable value or you know that you will need it at some time in the future, an affordable storage unit instead of the local rubbish tip would be best. Storage lockers, which are about the size of a small closet, a 3m x 1.5m unit, a full closest size, or a 3mx3m size, half a garage size, are able to cater for all your smaller and valuable items.

Top 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning!

1mx1m storage locker

Make a list and label

For every room in the house, and guest house, make a list with the cleaning tasks that need to be completed. This will ensure that you do not overlook a room or item. Once you go through each room remember to label every box with what is inside and where it is from. The more transparent and direct you are during the clean the more efficient you will be.

Maintain the cleaning

With most things in life, the more you consistently focus on the task the easier and efficient it becomes. We recommend dedicating 10-15 minutes per day to organising and cleaning within your house. Remember that doing a little each day is a much better option that becoming overwhelmed and stressed with weeks or even months of neglect. Something that all of us dread as spring comes around.

Top 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning!

At Hepworth Self Storage we are here to help with your everyday needs. From spring cleaning to looking after your valuable family heirlooms. Don’t hesitate to contact us. With a new state of the art facility in Moss Vale, servicing all of the Southern Highlands including Mittagong, Bowral, Bundanoon, Berrima, Kangaroo Valley, Kiama, Robertson and beyond. We look forward to helping you.

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