At Hepworth Self Storage we pride ourselves on world class customer service. We know that using self storage is often a time of one of the three “D’s” Death, Divorce or Dislocation. All those instances can be of high stress, tremendous effort and require a huge amount of time.  

Yass Storage

Self Storage in the Southern highlands

Chris Vealle, Yass, 2019.

Family members Chris and Tenaya have been the success behind our facility in Yass. Over the time that they have worked together at the site they have been able to help countless people in need of either short or long term storage. People who need assistance with removalists, packages and even those very special family heirlooms that require that extra protection with some of our packaging materials.

Answering every question, query or problem with a smile we count ourselves very lucky to have these two wonderful ladies in charge. Don’t be afraid to email or call them to learn more. Many people have and here are a few Google Reviews as testimony:

Janey Cole:

When Jenni and I got married the result was a massive quantity of stuff that definitely stretched the limits of the house. Having capacious storage space such as Hepworth’s provides made the whole business of dealing with the stuff much easier. The cost was comparable with other storage spaces, but these were much further away. The relationship with the managers has been uncontroversial and friendly and I’d certainly recommend them to anybody who has large volumes of stuff they need to accommodate for a while.

 Andrea Chandler:

We have been using Hepworth’s storage for a number of years whilst developing our farm and moving about. The facility is very secure, clean spacious and easy to access at any time with your personal code. The storage areas are large and well priced. The Managers helped us by unpacking into storage on our behalf whilst we were overseas. They provided special rates for longer tenure and were competitive with other options. Highly recommended.

Moss Vale Storage

Self Storage in the Southern highlands

Steven O’Brien, Moss Vale, 2022

It is rare to interact with Steven, at Hepworth Self Storage Moss Vale’s facility, and not be impressed. Steven is a man who cares about every one of his clients. From the family member to the growing business. As a plumber by trade, he is always willing to lend a hand, help where possible and most of answer any question that you may have. Since opening our brand new facility Steven has been instrumental to the success that we have achieved to date. With his expert knowledge of the industry he looks for ways to save money for every customer. With over 10+ years in the self storage industry, many past, present and no doubt future clients have been left with a profound impact of his professional help, kind demeanor and expert knowledge:

Lynn and George:

Even though we have known Steven and you for only the past couple of years – you have made our move from Sydney a completely trouble-free effort and accommodated our every need since. It has been a privilege to know both of you and we wish you every success and happiness in your future endeavours – success which comes from your dedication to the company and commitment to your clientele.

Our most sincere best wishes.


Lyn and George


Steve went beyond to help out getting the storage unit that we needed for moving our full house, kept us informed of any upcoming unit that would fit our requirements and when we were stuck needing another unit basically ASAP! He and the staff are always cheery and very helpful especially with reasonable discount for multiple units. Thanks to Steve and all the staff at Moss Vale.


At Hepworth Self Storage the customer always comes first. With our world class managers we are here to help for all occasions. Just call or email us to learn more.

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