Self Storage Advice for Small businesses

Entrepreneurs and small business owners of all types and from all industry sectors use self storage to help manage, grow and scale their business. From helping to store and manage inventory to fulfilling online e-commerce orders, self storage has been by the entrepreneurs side for generations. At Hepworth Self Storage, our small to medium business owners always enlighten and inspire us when seeing how our storage offerings assist the entrepreneur achieve their dreams!

To help any current small business owner, employee or a future entrepreneur we decided to compile some ideas and advice for your business to help it grow its bottom(and top) line and reputation.

How much self storage space does a small business actually need?

Our Hepworth Self Storage locations in N.S.W. offer a variety of small to medium business storage solutions including mini warehouses, retail and commercial spaces. Whilst you may not require a large storage unit now, it is always beneficial to plan towards a larger target and goal. By budgeting to achieve both current and future business goals (including costs, locations, designs, staff) you will have a far more realistic idea of when and how your

dreams will be realised. Self Storage can be crucial in helping you decide what you will need today whilst keeping your options open for tomorrow and beyond as your company grows.

What should I consider when planning for ultimate business efficiency

Business owners are always time poor, do not have money to waste or are always fighting the latest drama. Success is often a direct result of how efficiently they can operate as a company. Every second saved from doing a low value task is a second that can be spent on making money, getting to know their customer or improving their offering.

When it comes to utilising the best self storage solutions for your small but growing business consider the following tips:

Location: Do you want a unit that you can drive up to? Or one that is inside? Think of how frequently you will visit your self storage unit and also how large your items will typically be. Pay more for ease of use, it will save you time and effort.

Flexibility: Do you want to be locked into an onerous 1 year lease to an office or warehouse? Or, at Hepworth Self Storage in Yass, sign a hassle free month to month contract! Simply give us 7 days notice before your departure.

Hidden Costs: With no bond, lawyers or accountant fees, self storage is made to be easy and here for all your needs. At Hepworth Self Storage, there are no hidden fees or costs. A simple month to month rental fee is all that is required!

Can Self Storage help me scale my business?

When it comes to scaling your business, self storage can dramatically help to reach your entrepreneurial dreams. All small business owners look for an easy process to upgrade, or downgrade, their rental spaces as their wants and needs change. In conjunction with growing throughout N.S.W. and Australia to multiple locations to build a truly national presence, Hepworth Self Storage is here to help. With two facilities (in Yass and Moss Vale), and more being planned, we are able to offer multiple locations, multiple units, special savings and a centralised billing system. All designed to help you grow your business.

Self Storage Advice for Small businesses

How to organize your business self storage unit for optimal returns

Investing in quality products will ultimately save you, and make you, more money in the long term. Purchase proper storage containers, shelves and protectors which will go a long way for you to have a fully functional business unit.

At Hepworth Self Storage, we always recommend people ‘pack it, wrap it and stack it’. An organized storage unit, with clear containers, and a small aisle will allow you to have a set up that can be utilised by all.

In general, clear and stackable containers that are easy to view-and access-are best to be used. For bedding, clothes and other items which require airflow, you should buy boxes that are breathable instead of plastic bins.

With an organized and systemised approach, Hepworth Self Storage, can assist any entrepreneur and small business owner with all their wants and needs. Having a centralised system will allow any company to scale, eliminate costs and realise savings. We are only a phone call away.

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