Why do people need self storage?

Whilst the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic was in full swing, self storage providers across the nation, from Yass to Moss Vale, and the world saw a surge in enquiries for storage. Covid-19 can be attributed as a ‘one off’ event that changed people’s lives, however, it did blend into one of the main reasons that people traditionally choose self storage. Those traditional reasons are;

Approximately 40% of storage users need to rent a unit whilst moving house or apartment. Moving is a moment in life when self storage proves to be a very useful, practical and resourceful service for all involved, allowing people to keep their belongings safe and secure until the new home is ready to be furnished and used by all.

Reasons for using Self Storage

22% of storage users say they require a unit because they simply don’t have enough space at home for all their treasured belongings. With the rise of e-commerce, the lack of storage space at home is a very common issue that people face daily that can be easily solved by self storage. People can keep a variety of items within their unit that they would not ordinarily utilise every day, but they still need or value, including heirlooms, seasonal items, electronics, sports equipment, children’s furniture and toys.

An additional 8% of all storage users are renting due to changes in the size of their household. Family dynamics have been changing at the fastest rate in history. Whether a young adult needs to live with their parents again, older parents are coming to live with their children or a new baby arrival is coming due, all the changes bring surplus of items in smaller houses. These situations drive the needs for that extra bit of space, and self storage is an easy, safe and secure way to accomplish that requirement.

A smaller, 5%, but exponentially growing sector of self storage users is for small to medium size businesses (typically defined as less than $50m in revenue). Businesses are renting a self storage unit for commercial purposes including for regulatory requirements, documents, equipment, supplies, furniture and even official vehicles. Businesses, of all sizes, can receive many benefits from using storage-a flexible service, on a month to month basis, no long term leases, bond or legal work required.

From moving house to a small but growing business, Hepworth Self Storage is here to help with all your storage needs from our facility in Yass or our new complex in Moss Vale. Flexible terms, ease of use and most of all safe and secure mean that a storage unit can greatly assist your personal and professional life in more ways than one.

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