At Hepworth Self Storage we have unit sizes for all your needs. From our smallest unit to fit a bicycle to our largest for a 3+ bedroom house or a large business, we will have you covered. Moving house or looking after a growing business can be tough and stressful, however, at Hepworth Self Storage we have the following units that are ideally suited for all shapes and sizes.

6m x 3m Self Storage Unit: 3+ bedroom or business

Our 6m x 3m self storage unit, the size of a full garage, is our largest size offering in our facility in Yass, N.S.W. With its length and width it is designed to store just about any item that you may have at home including cars and boats. It is ideal for a large house that is moving and needs to be packed up or a business that is experiencing rapid growth and needs to store their precious goods. We have had clients use this unit class for several years due to the ability to drive up to the unit and not have to carry their large items. It is highly recommended by all who use it:

Big Self Storage Needs: Businesses and Homes

5m x 3m Self Storage Unit: 3 bedroom house or car

For a slightly more compact self storage offering, a favourite of many storers, is the 5m x 3m self storage units at Hepworth Self Storage, in Yass. It is 1m less deep, however, as wide as our largest unit. It is commonly used for the contents of a 3 bedroom house and a garage as well as being the most popular amongst our clients for storing their most prized possession: their car! From the antique family heirloom to a family home. A great unit offering for all:

Big Self Storage Needs: Businesses and Homes

6m x 2.35m: 2-3 Bedroom House 

For smaller families a great self storage unit to consider is the 6m x 2.35m space. Whilst not as wide as our largest unit, it is 6m deep resulting in it being able to hold all large items with the exceptions of boats and cars. If you own or are moving to an apartment or smaller house this self storage unit would be ideal for you. It is capable of storing bedroom, kitchen and living room goods not to mention all of the children’s toys and books! A young family favourite:

Big Self Storage Needs: Businesses and Homes

With seven different unit sizes at our self storage facility in Yass, N.S.W. we will always be able to accommodate all of your needs and requirements. For any small and growing business to a large family with a household of contents our larger storage units are here to help. Please feel free to call one of our famous customer service team members to organize a unit showing. To help with any move we also have a free Move-In Trailer as well. We look forward to seeing you at our Yass, Hepworth Self Storage facility soon.

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