When it comes to self storage, proper packaging and organization are key to protecting your belongings and maximizing the available space. Choosing the right packaging materials is crucial in ensuring the safety and security of your items during their time in storage.

Cardboard Boxes:

Cardboard boxes are the most common and versatile packaging material for storage. We strongly recommend using sturdy, double-walled boxes that can withstand stacking and provide better protection against damage. Make sure to select boxes of various sizes to accommodate different items. Use smaller boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter belongings to prevent overloading and ensure ease of handling. Remember to always label each box. The more organised you are the better your experience will be.

Best Packaging Materials for Storage: A Guide

Bubble Wrap:

Bubble wrap is an excellent material for protecting fragile items during storage. Its air-filled bubbles provide cushioning and shock absorption, safeguarding delicate objects such as glassware, ceramics, or electronics from potential damage. Wrap fragile items individually with bubble wrap and secure it with tape to keep them safe from impacts and vibrations. A favorite for fragile family heirlooms or that precious picture. It offers the best protection for your treasured item.

Best Packaging Materials for Storage: A Guide

Butchers Paper:

Packing paper is an essential material for wrapping and cushioning items that require extra protection. It is especially useful for those fragile items such as dishes, glassware, and other breakable items. Place the paper between each piece to prevent them from knocking against each other. Additionally, use crumpled paper to fill gaps within boxes, ensuring items remain stationary and minimizing the risk of breakage.

Furniture Covers:

A must buy for anyone looking to store and protect your furniture from dust, dirt, and scratches, invest in quality furniture covers. These covers come in various sizes and are designed to fit different types of furniture, including sofas, mattresses, and tables. Using furniture covers not only protects your items but also makes them easier to handle and transport without causing any damage.

Best Packaging Materials for Storage: A Guide

Plastic Wrap/Shrink Wrap:

Plastic wrap or shrink wrap is a versatile material that can secure multiple items together, such as drawers, cabinet doors, or even an entire piece of furniture. It provides stability and prevents items from shifting during transportation or storage. Plastic wrap is also effective in protecting upholstered furniture from dirt and dust.

 Packing Tape:

An essential tool for securing boxes and reinforcing their strength. Choosing high-quality packing tape that is durable and resistant to tearing is essential. When sealing boxes, apply tape along the seams and corners to ensure they remain intact. Avoid using duct tape as it may lose adhesion over time.

Labels and Markers:

Often overlooked but perhaps the most important item to ensure all your items are stored in an orderly way is by labels and markers. They are crucial for easy identification and organisation of your stored items. Use permanent markers or labels to mark each box with its contents. This practice will help you locate specific items without having to open every box. Consider using color-coded labels for different categories or rooms to streamline the retrieval process. Just remember to keep a record of what the colours mean!

Selecting the best packaging materials for self storage plays a vital role in maintaining the condition of your belongings and optimizing the available space. Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, butchers paper, furniture covers, plastic wrap, packing tape, and labels are some of the essential materials to consider. By investing in high-quality packaging materials and utilizing proper packing techniques, you can ensure the safety, security, and organization of your stored items throughout their time. At Hepworth Self Storage we have a wide variety of boxes and packaging materials. Come and visit one of our facilities in Yass or Moss Vale to learn more!

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