Best Furniture Self Storage Tips

One of the most commonly stored items in any self storage facility is furniture. New, old, family heirloom or an old wedding gift. Whether you are moving, selling your old house, spring cleaning or simply decluttering, furniture like all items should be treated with care when placed in any self storage facility. All furnishings are sensitive to humidity, condensation, dirt and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, it is important to prepare your valuable item before it is sent to your local Hepworth Self Storage facility. Here are some storage tips and tricks to keep your furniture safe and in good condition during storage:


Furniture, like all items needs to be carefully cleaned and prepared before taking it to storage. Dirt and debris can cause lasting damage to couches, mattresses, attract vermin and most of all create the potential for mold not only on your valuable furniture but all those items around it.

Leather Furniture:

Using a cloth wipe down all leather items with wipes and a leather safe solution. Once completed ensure there is enough time for them to dry and place in storage.

Wooden Furniture:

With a duster or cloth ensure that all wooden furniture such as tables, chairs and cabinets are properly cleaned with all dust removed. A specialty wooden cleaning solution to remove stains is recommended, however, ensure that the furniture pieces are dry prior to storing them. As an extra care option, use wooden polish over the furniture items to ensure they keep their sheen and colour throughout their time at any self storage facility.

Wrap Your Furniture:

It is essential to wrap all your furniture items when they are stored. When packaging furniture for storage remember to:

  • Wrap all furniture in storage. Either through professional items that are sold at our wonderful box shop or even with an old sheet. Not furniture item should ever be stored uncovered!
  • Try and avoid thick plastic wrap when storing furniture. It may seal in any small traces of moisture and create condensation that can create large long term problems such as mold and mildew.
  • Ask our friendly manager for packaging items in our famous box shop! We have a wide variety of specialty packaging materials for all your needs

Packing Fragile Items:

The great fear whilst moving is always the inevitable breakage of a favourite glass, heirloom or TV. We, at Hepworth Self Storage, recommend extra care while packing certain fragile items such as glass tabletops, mirrors and other fragile items. Use packaging or butchers paper, found at our Box Shop, as a first layer but don’t make the error that many have-do not stick tape directly on the glass or wood which will leave permanent marks-and then cover up further with bubble wrap. Place any glass item such as a mirror or tabletop in a flat position, clearly marked and in a wide box for that extra protection.

Moving to Storage:

Protect Doorways and Walkways:

Despite all the best intentions it almost seems inevitable that as you are moving your valuable items out of your home the hallways and doors take the brunt of the damage when moving those well packed and clean furniture items.

To prevent an ugly scratch or dent we recommend buying foam corner or doorway pads. Or to save some money, use items around the home to soften any potential harmful blows. Wrap edges and corners along the walkway with mattress covers and furniture blankets.

Packing your Storage Unit

Whether it is furniture, clothes or your favourite family heirloom, you should always make a plan and organize methodically when storing your items. Stack correctly with large and heavy items at the bottom and smaller items at the top (prevents items from falling and damage). Never place sharp items such as cutlery or machinery over upholstered furnishings, wooden furniture or mattresses.

Leave an aisle down the middle of your unit so that you can move around freely and retrieve any item without moving large furniture pieces and remember to have small gaps around all goods to ensure good air circulation.

As with anything always feel free to ask one of our wonderful managers for any advice, guidance or helpful tips at Hepworth Self Storage. We are always here to help and look forward to storing one or more of your valuable furniture items.

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