1m x 1m Storage Lockers from $1 per day at our newest facility in Moss Vale, N.S.W.

With the opening of our brand new state of the art self storage facility at Old Dairy Close, Moss Vale, our customers will have the choice of up to 10 different unit sizes to suit all their needs. From the large 9m x 3m unit for boats/cars/small businesses to our smallest unit the famous 1m x 1m self storage locker! A favourite for people who have a little bit of storage for one month or one year.

1m x 1m Storage Lockers

The lockers are wonderful for a variety of uses such as personal documents including birth and marriage certificates, business documents, valuable artwork or those annoying seasonal luggage items that you can’t live with and can’t live without! Whilst the lockers appear small they measure a very sizeable one thousand litre cubic capacity and can hold more than 25 small book boxes!

The iconic self storage lockers at our Moss Vale facility are suitable for a variety of uses including:

Seasonal Sports Gear:

Where should any parent or sports lover keep their sports gear when the final whistle ends? Our storage lockers are perfect for those football boots, jerseys, cricket gear and skiing helmets.


When the summer and winter holidays are in full swing university students will need a safe and secure location for their valuable books and equipment. Our storage lockers are able to hold hundreds of books for when semester returns.


Perhaps our most common customer is the valuable travel luggage items. Big and small bags for the intrepid traveller or seasonal family vacations.


Marriage, divorce and/or birth certificates to just name a few. Documents that we must always have in a safe place. Our lockers are more than capable of looking after them.

1m x 1m Storage Lockers

Whilst we may have several large self storage units at our Moss Vale facility, our smallest 1m x 1m lockers are ideal for most. With limited availability at our site don’t be afraid to contact one of our valuable team members to rent a locker for only $1 per day.

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