The demand for storage units has been growing over the past few years as individuals and businesses recognise that they provide a different way to free up space in their homes and offices and offer a much more cost effective alternative to moving to a bigger home or office.

With the extra space, spare rooms are being converted into additional living areas and businesses are saving tens of thousands by spending less on renting unnecessary office space. Here are 15 applications of self storage becoming the space creator you have been looking for.


Sometimes life circumstances like downsizing into a smaller house following retirement or a change in relationship status can result in a whole lot of accumulated possessions that you don’t want to end up at a thrift store or in landfill but don’t necessarily need to stay in your home.

You are not alone- a recent survey of baby boomers found that 63% plan to purchase a property that is smaller than their current home although they do not want to get rid of their possessions. Personal belongings can be difficult to part with, particularly if they are heirlooms that carry a lifetime of memories that you want to keep safe and secure and pass down to the next generation. Self storage is the perfect cost effective solution to living on less and enabling you to live in the house that suits your lifestyle needs.

15 Applications For Self Storage


When selling a house you want it to look in the best condition to appeal to potential buyers. A crowded and untidy house can make a space appear smaller and result in a drop in perceived value.

Using self storage for a month or two is a great way to make your home look more spacious during open inspections which can lead to more interested buyers and a higher sale price.If you are in between two homes self storage is the perfect place to keep personal items safe and secure. Self storage is also an ideal solution if you are storing new possessions when you are waiting for a new home to be finished.


Leaving possessions in a house when you are travelling for business or pleasure for an extended period of time can be very risky, particularly when you house valuables like expensive jewellery and vehicles.

While you should be able to pack smaller items with you if you are relocating overseas on secondment for work, you may want to turn to a practical solution like self storage rather than quickly selling items off to the highest bidder and making an overall loss. There are reasonably priced storage units that can store larger items like furniture, televisions, art, book collections, bicycles or cars so that they are in perfect condition when you get back from your overseas adventure.

15 Applications For Self Storage


Short to medium term storage requirements can arise when you are working on home renovations or even painting the house. Instead of shuffling stuff around from room to room to get it out of the way, putting it into short term self storage could very well provide an ideal solution.

Self storage can also help safeguard personal items from potential damage as renovations take place and mean you have one less thing to worry about.


It is very easy to fall into the trap of hoarding items such as photographs, souvenirs, fine paintings and collectibles resulting in a cluttered house. Memorabilia tends to be valuable and fragile requiring the right humidity and temperature so that they keep in the best condition for when you decide to sell them or pass them on. Self storage can assist you for acquiring and organising your collections not to mention providing the necessary protection from flood and theft.


If the kids have left home and you’re simply not ready to get rid of some of their possessions, self storage can be the new home for any of their excess stuff. Old bicycles, gym or sports equipment, even furniture can be put into self storage at a reasonable rate and is a safe option if you have a feeling they may move back into the nest. Again, it’s important to look for storage units that provide a clean, dry, insulated and well ventilated space so that possessions stay in a good condition.

15 Applications For Self Storage


Moving an elderly parent into an aged care home can be an emotionally challenging experience.

It’s never good making decisions when you are in a rush as you may regret throwing away possessions that have years of memories attached Just having an extra month or two up your sleeve to think about what you want to do with your loved one’s possessions can take the pressure off during this difficult time.


Do you have a boat or jet ski that you get out in the warmer months and don’t have the garage space to keep it in perfect condition over winter? Maybe you have a very expensive caravan and are looking for additional security to keep it safe. If you are on the lookout for a temporary garage for recreational vehicles then self storage is flexible these days to accommodate for storage of vehicles, keeping them secure when not in use and allowing you to access and use at any time.


If you’re at university and living in student accommodation, a small self storage area could be the just the right solution to declutter your already crammed living area. You may want to store books and personal belonging during holiday periods when you are off-campus. Utilising a self storage unit after graduation is also a great alternative if you haven’t made any definitive plans, allowing you to store items before you ultimately move. Self storage now comes with plenty of affordable solutions and flexibility to suit any student needing cost effective storage options to meet their short-term requirements.

15 Applications For Self Storage


Not every musician has the luxury of a music studio in their house and so many choose to store their expensive equipment in self storage facilities.

Self storage is suitable when you have accumulated a lot of musical equipment like guitars, amps, drum kits and other instruments that can take up a lot of room in a house or a unit. If you are not a musician, you may have seasonal hobbies that require expensive and bulky gear like skiing or surfing where a self storage unit can conveniently store items during the off season. Not to mention experiencing the benefits of utilising a small self storage unit to avoid quarrels at home with bulky leisure items taking up much needed space.


You may be currently using your study or spare room at home to store up inventory and need to free up the space to convert into another living area. Alternatively, you may be running your business in a small office and are thinking of upsizing simply because you can’t fit all the inventory on the premises.

Using self storage to allow you to continue to operate a small business is a more cost friendly alternative than moving into a bigger home, giving you the option to minimise stress and also lets you draw a clear separation between your work and home life. 

Self storage comes in many sizes and shapes and is suitable for any small business budget, allowing you to cost effectively accumulate seasonal stock that requires storage space in a safe and secure self storage unit.


If you’re running a home based selling business or are a travelling salesperson who requires a stable base to store inventory while you’re on the road you may prefer the idea of keeping everything outside of your home and don’t need an “office” per see. With self-storage, working without a leased office space has never been easier. Create a base of operations by turning to an affordable self storage lease arrangement that allows you to quickly access goods and get them to customers when required.


Anyone who has managed a Document Management section in a Government Department or Agency understands the costs involved in complying with the Archives Act 1983- not to mention keeping classified material safe. Despite efforts in recent years for the Australian Government to move towards storing documents electronically, there are still many paper files that can accumulate in an office space and be very costly to store on site.

Document and record archiving can suit any business with a need or legal requirement to hold documents or records for specific periods of time. Investing in a self storage space can mean freeing valuable office space and securing your records.


When you are needing additional space in your office, it is all about getting the space requirements right so you are not paying for more than you need, which can easily occur when your business is cyclical, facing changing demand for your product. Self storage is a flexible option allowing you to make a cost-effective decision when storing business items.

The best thing about self storage units is that they come in different sizes and you choose which one fits best to fit your business requirements. With added security features, you don’t have to worry about having your items like excess inventory, office supplies and furniture being stolen or damaged.


Does your business often operate a long way from home? It is hard taking your tools, equipment and materials for interstate projects, especially if it’s happening regularly. Having your office in Canberra but completing projects in regional New South Wales can mean a lot of travel carrying loads which not only takes longer, but costs more in fuel too.

Have you thought of renting a self storage unit and using it as a depot for your tools, equipment and materials? With around the clock security surveillance and tailored solutions, self storage can mean you keep a set of tools and equipment along with any necessary materials closer to the project. Whether it’s for a short or long term arrangement, a self-storage unit will enable your business to securely store, load and deliver your goods within the prescribed timeframes so your clients are satisfied and you aren’t wearing the additional costs and stress of carting everything with you all the time.

Hepworth Storage provides flexibility, quick, cheap and effective solutions for your short-term personal and business needs when compared to more traditional storage methods. You can access your stored items if you need to, have control over how they are stored and can feel confident that they will be secure on site.

15 Applications For Self Storage

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